Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

Meeting Minutes

Park River Oak Estates HOA Membership Meeting Minutes
Sunday, November 19, 2017 5:00 p.m.

Thirty-two ballots in good standing were returned.  A quorum was established and the meeting began.

1. Introductions
All of those present at the meeting introduced themselves.
HOA President Marguerite Elia explained the legal status of a PUD and how that status affects PROE and its homeowners.

2.  Board Election Procedures
Mike Mullins, Kim Harbison and Golda Mainville served as Inspectors of the Election and counted the ballots.  There are three open board positions.

3.  Election Tabulations by the Inspectors of the Election
The vote totals were as follows: Brent Cho - 25; John Schroeder - 27; Eddie Tong - 5; Marguerite Elia - 2. (Marguerite was not running for reelection. Eddie Tong was a write-in candidate.)  Brent, John and Eddie were elected to the Board to serve two-year terms.

4.  Year in Review
The number of renters at PROE is high.  The HOA insurance rates will go up if the number of renters ever reaches 50%.  Marguerite will get an estimate from the HOA insurer, State Farm, for the insurance rates if the number of rental units reaches 50%.  A question arose from a homeowner in attendance if whether homeowners who rent could be charged an additional fee.  Another homeowner suggested that a vote be held to limit the number of renters living in PROE.  The CC&Rs would have to be amended to cap the number of rentals.  The board will study the possibility of imposing a limit on rentals through an amendment to our governing documents.  The board will investigate an attorney to limit the number of renters and to inquire if a fee charged to all homeowners who rent their units is possible. 
A renter’s son and girlfriend moved into the club house in March 2017 and were evicted in April 2017.  The renter paid for clubhouse damage after intervention from the rental agency. 
The CC&Rs allow additions of rules and regulations and allow assessment of fines.   A pass is now required to enter the clubhouse, given the individuals who did not live here who used the clubhouse.
Another problem arose when a renter held an unauthorized party at the pool that involved a huge quantity of alcohol and many nonresidents.  The city health department also prohibits food and glass around the pool.  Alcohol consumption around the pool creates a serious drowning or injury liability problem for the HOA.  We enforce the rules with a schedule of fines.

5.  2018 Budget
The Board will hold the dues at $250.   A suggestion was made by a homeowner to increase dues to $275.  The roads still need to be resealed and repainted and red paint in the fire lanes should be removed likely next year.
The reserve fund is on target and adequate. We are awaiting the account’s report. 

6.  Question, Answer, and Comment Period
Q: Who is insurance carrier?  A: State Farm.  Ron Andre is the HOA’s agent. 
Q: Recycling slot is very small.  A: The bin is unlocked so larger boxes can be placed in the recycling box. 

7.  General Membership Meeting Adjournment  
The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 6:18 p.m.

Board of Directors Executive Session

1. Updating the CC&Rs
The Board will look for an attorney to update CC&Rs to put a limit on rentals and to determine whether additional fees may be charged to owners who rent their units.

2.  Board Positions
The Board positions for the upcoming year are:
President: Marguerite Elia
Vice President: Ron Colton
Secretary:  John Schroeder
Treasurer:  Brent Cho
Member at Large: Eddie Tong

4. Adjournment
The executive session was adjourned at 6:51 p.m.