Park River Oak Estates Homeowner's Association

BBQs, Fire-pits, All Fire-making Devices, and Vehicle Gates

The Fire Marshall has directed us that there can be no charcoal barbeques, fire-pits, nor fire-endangering devices anywhere on our premises.  The Fire Marshall stated that ANY device fueled by charcoal must be strictly banned, and gasoline should be seriously restricted.  The ONLY truly safe form of heating or cooking device is ELECTRICAL, because the fire can be completely stopped within seconds, if located far away from all wood, fences, and home structures.     Charcoal can never be instantly stopped, and gas tanks can ignite.

* * If a home owner, their renters, guests, family members, or their BBQ or fire-pit devices start a fire in ANY form -- inside homes, on balconies, or even backyards, NONE of the HOA insurance policy can be used for repairs, and the homeowner is responsible for full payment to the HOA for everything damaged on the external features of their homes, to the neighbor’s homes, and to all the common areas, by state law and by the CCRs. They are also financially liable to individual homeowners for ALL private and internal damage caused by their fire.  About 165 people live in our attached homes, in a dense, close-proximity design where a fire catastrophe could rapidly spread to millions of dollars, and life endangerment.  This warning will be posted on our web-site and on our bulletin board, and by law, you have been advised of your FULL LIABILITY FOR NEGLIGENCE, OR FOR DEFIANCE of the restrictions.

Vehicle Gates: Both entry and exit vehicle gates are over 20 years old and LiftMaster Co has announced it will no longer sell nor make some of the parts to repair these gates.  Therefore gate repairs are more problematic.  The gates are in operation almost continuously 24 hours a day, and they also take much abuse as people occasionally push them, or run into them.  However, the newer gates are often less rugged, with more planned obsolescence, failing more easily than the old, and are more costly for repairs.   For example, the newer garage doors to private homes have failed far more often than the 1996 doors, many of which have never failed. So the next time you see youths riding on top of vehicle gates, or people forcibly shoving the gates open, or people driving into the gates impatiently, their vandalisms and your silence could cost us needless expenses.  The gates have many moving parts, motors, and starters and the stress added by youths riding on top of them does cause actual damage. Also your remotes will no longer work at all if the gate has to be replaced, and you are fully responsible for paying  that expense, not the HOA.

Speak up, ask the vandals to stop, call security or call management (916-395-1010). If you need pedestrian keys, they are only $3.00 and available through 916-395-1010.   Bad behaviors are expensive, and accepting responsibility to speak up could save yourself and others many thousands of dollars.